April 8th Update

Dear friends, At last night's meeting at the Town Hall, our School Committee voted in favor of the FY 2015 budget request. This budget request was carefully prepared by our Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Directors in the WPS Central Administration, and Principals across our schools. All of Watertown's educational leaders, our School Committee members, and Watertown Strong Schools stand behind this budget request. Last night someone noted that last year's budget was too small and this year's seems high. The truth is, for too long, Watertown has been borrowing from our schools. Now, we are all standing together in support of the budget that our principals and teachers need to do their jobs. The bedrock of a Strong Community is Strong Schools.

  1. Our group, Watertown Strong Schools, pledges to work together with our Town Councilors, Town Manager and Auditor, our State and Federal Legislators, and local businesses in the effort to find the resources needed to fund the true cost of education in Watertown. We plan to continue to meet regularly with our leaders to build a strategy for 2015 and beyond.
  2. GIANT MEA CULPA: Our 344 letters to our Town Manager Mike Driscoll have not all gone through. They have gone to our Town Councilors. We have printed the letters to hand deliver and will also forward these letters to the Town Manager. We apologize for the confusion and have fixed the problem. If you’d like to send another letter, you may do so online or by emailing mdriscoll@watertown-ma.gov.
  3. From Marie (Our talented Live Blogger at https://www.facebook.com/watertownstrongschools): We are recruiting for our Watertown Strong Schools team to run/walk in the Watertown "Finish Strong" 5K run/walk on Saturday, April 19, 10am-noon. Please join us!  This run/walk is a community celebration of Watertown spirit, already has almost 1,000 participants, and is sponsored by the Watertown Police Supervisor's Association. The race is also a fundraiser and the WPSA will be making donations back to the Watertown community, including the schools. This is a great way for WSS to help support a community event. Post-race, family-friendly activities will occur at the Armenian Cultural Center. Details to come. https://racewire.com/register.php?id=3773 Reply to join the run or walk team and Marie Schick will be in touch about registration.
  4. Here’s our Op Ed if you haven’t seen it yet: http://watertown.wickedlocal.com/article/20140405/NEWS/140407323
  5. We still have a few signs left ($5 a piece to cover the cost). Contact us if you want one or know a business that wants one.

Thanks, Candace, Marie and Watertown Strong Schools