Update: March 18

We have more updates than we can fit into the work day, but for now, our SIGNS are ready for pick up. We ask for a $5 contribution to cover the costs of the sign. You may pick up a sign at the following locations. (*There will be more locations coming soon.*):

Please contact Marie, m@marieschick.com, to schedule: 1) a box pick up at Graphic Connections on Mt. Auburn St. OR 2) a smaller stack from her/WSSmember to distribute.

Last night's meeting: The Watertown Public Schools Subcommittee on Budget and Finance kicked off the next part of the budget process. Our Schools need adequate staff and materials to meet the needs of our 2,708 in district and 152 out-of-district students.  We are "on the edge" of compliance in special education and general education is suffering. It is time to get involved:

The next meeting of the Subcommittee on Budget and Finance is:

Thursday, March 20, 6:30pm School Committee Budget & Finance Subcommittee Meeting Watertown High School, Lecture Hall 50 Columbia Street, Watertown

We know, there is so much information and it is confusing. We will have an informational meeting on Sunday at the library to help explain the many pieces of the puzzle.

Sunday, March 23, 3:00pm Watertown Strong Schools Informational Community Meeting Watertown Public Library 123 Main Street, Watertown

You don't have to attend all meetings to be involved, just stay connected!