Unofficial Minutes: Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee Meeting 10/24/16 – Key Points

Note: These are NOT official minutes.

Written by: Diego Hammerschlag

Committee members: Elizabeth Yusem, Kendra Foley, and Eileen Hsu-Balzer.

Others in attendance: Mark Sideris, School Committee member and Town Council President; Dr. Theresa McGuinness, Acting Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent; Steve Romanelli, Director of Facilities and Transportation; Deigo Hammerschlag (WSS), and David Stokes (WSS).

Shed at Hosmer Elementary School

The donation was previously approved. All concerned parties have approved the purchase and proposed location for the shed.

Given that the donation was from Lowe’s, Eileen Hsu-Balzer requested that the purchase be made from Lowe’s provided that the price and quality are comparable to the current quote provided by Home Depot. A request was also made to ensure that a ramp and a lock be provided if needed. Steve Romanelli indicated that it can be evaluated and provided at the time of the installation.

Buddy Benches in Memory of Bob Galante

A donation for the purchase of ‘Buddy Benches’ to honor Bob Galante was already approved. The money was raised through a GofundMe campaign coordinated by Maria Hinkson, a Lowell parent. The goal is to place the benches at all 3 elementary schools (Cunniff, Lowell, and Hosmer) as well as the Middle School and Victory Field.

Eileen Hsu-Balzer noted that Victory Field may not be a good location given near term renovation plans. All locations may require additional town approval given that they are not the sole responsibility of WPS. A motion was made to ensure that the cost of the installed benches not exceed the $3,540 donated and that the placement and distribution of the benches are to be coordinated by the Principals of the 4 schools mentioned.