March 15th Update

Meetings This week we met with Kimo Carter (WMS principal), Susan Falkoff (Town Council), Cecilia Lenk (Town Council) and Tom Tracey (Town Auditor). Nearly all meetings were 1.5 to 2+ hours. We are tremendously grateful to everyone who has taken time to answer questions and engage in a deep dialogue on a range of issues important to the Town of Watertown and WPS. We have minutes from meetings that we can share.

We'll meet with Mark Sideris on Sunday at the Library at 3 pm.

Thank you to John Portz (School Committee), Aaron Dushku (TC), Tony Palomba (TC), and Vinnie Piccirilli (TC) who all have been answering our endless amount of questions via email etc.

Thank you also to Arlene Shainker, Interim Director of Student Services and Allison Levitt, ESL Curriculum Coordinator who have also answered many questions.

Moving forward

Our core group will meet on Sunday to work! We want help analyzing some of the Teacher Survey data, brainstorming all the folks in Watertown who we want to reach out to (businesses, religious groups, cultural groups, parents of preschoolers, non-parents), and a few more tasks.

By the end of next week, we will start organizing sessions to educate parents on the 1) what we are asking for 2) why Watertown is unique and complex 3) the situation in our schools 4) what we are asking for from the School Committee, WPS, Town Council, Town Manager and our State Legislators.

ALSO, there is a coffee with Congresswoman Katherine Clark from 10-12 at the Watertown Diner (212 North Beacon St.) on March 22nd. IF you'll be drinking coffee anyway, drink with Katherine. Let's make sure she understands Watertown Public Schools and what we need for our children to obtain a quality education.