Advocacy Platform

The WSS Advocacy Platform was entered into the Public Record at the Town Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. The data and information in this document was our guide to advocate strongly for the financial resources to fund the 2015 WPS budget. Please feel free to forward to neighbors, friends, and family.

Also available, is a summary of our advocacy document.

WSS Advocacy Platform 

WSS Advocacy Platform Summary

We plan to provide an updated State of Our Schools document annually. The date for the 2016 update is to be determined.

Why Watertown Public Schools should be fully funded …

We need safe, secure, and caring schools

According to Watertown Middle School Vice Principal Jason DelPorto, “We are a “world away from having secure buildings.”

And Watertown Middle School Principal Kimo Carter says, “Happy, healthy students learn and it takes many hands to help kids get to emotional readiness so they are ready to learn, especially in Watertown, where 48% of students are ‘high needs’.”

Watertown Public Schools need sufficient guidance, mental health, and special education staff to meet the diverse social and emotional needs of Watertown’s children. This includes the Integrated Services Program (ISP).

Watertown has made progress, but challenges remain.

We aim to assist the budget and policy process by assembling high quality data that residents, town officials, Watertown Public School staff and others can use to better understand our town and schools. Our approach is to be transparent and open about all data. We believe that Town and School officials and residents must work together, engage in the budget debate for WPS, and problem solve.