Our Town Government

Watertown Strong Schools calls upon the Town of Watertown, the Town Council, the School Committee, and our state legislators to work together to identify the financial resources to meet the Watertown Public Schools’ needs.

Town Council Members

Town Hall 149 Main St. Watertown, MA 02472 To email all town councilors at once, use this email address: TownCouncilors@watertown-ma.gov

  • Mark S. Sideris, Council President (617) 924-2699 msideris@watertown-ma.gov
  • Vincent Piccirilli, Council Vice-President and District C Councilor, (617) 924-0665 vpiccirilli@watertown-ma.gov
  • Angeline Kounelis, District A Councilor, (617) 926-2352 akounelis@watertown-ma.gov
  • Lisa Feltner, District B Councilor, (617) 926-5344 lfeltner@watertown-ma.gov
  • Ken Woodland, District D Councilor, (617)-780-4426 kwoodland@watertown-ma.gov
  • Michael Dattoli, Councilor-at-Large, (617)-999-5333 mdattoli@watertown-ma.gov
  • Aaron Dushku, Councilor-at-Large, (413)-320-1104 adushku@watertown-ma.gov
  • Susan G. Falkoff, Councilor-at-large, (617) 924-5723 sfalkoff@watertown-ma.gov
  • Anthony Palomba, Councilor-at-large, (617) 926-8560 apalomba@watertown-ma.gov

Town Council Subcommittee Assignments

School Committee

Watertown School Committee website

30 Common St. Watertown, MA02472 Email Address: schoolcommittee@watertown.k12.ma.us

  • John Portz, Chair jportz@rcn.com
  • Kendra Foley, Vice Chair kendramfoley@gmail.com
  • Guido Guidotti, Secretary guido.guidotti@gmail.com
  • Eileen Hsu-Balzer hsubalzer@comcast.net
  • Candace Miller cmillerscd@gmail.com
  • Liz Yusem eyusem@gmail.com

School Committee Subcommittee Assignments

Town Manager

Michael J. Driscoll Email Address: townmgr@watertown-ma.gov 149 Main St. Watertown, MA02472 Ph: (617) 972-6465 Fx: (617) 972-6404

Superintendent of Schools

Jean Fitzgerald, Ed.D Email Address: jean.fitzgerald@watertown.k12.ma.us 30 Common St. Watertown, MA02472 Ph: (617) 926-7700

Watertown Public Schools Directory