About Us

Our Mission

Watertown Strong Schools believes that strong public schools are a critical part of a healthy and vibrant community. We are an independent group of citizens whose purpose is to understand, support, and advocate for our public schools to ensure that all Watertown children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.


Core Group


Jim Cairns, Cunniff
Email: pelton.cairns@gmail.com
Julie Cotton, Hosmer
Kate Coyne, Lowell
Email: katecoin44@yahoo.com
Rebecca Grow, Hosmer
Email: rjgrow@gmail.com
Diego Hammerschlag, Lowell
Chris Lowry, WHS                                       Email: lowrychr@verizon.net                          Alyson Morales, Lowell & WMS
Email: alymorales2@gmail.com
David Stokes, WMS
Email: david.m.stokes@gmail.com



Our goals are to work with our town and school officials to:

  • Secure the funding needed to enable our education professionals to provide all of our students with the education and skills needed to compete in the 21st century,
  • Reform and increase transparency of the budgetary process,
  • Enhance communication between Watertown Public Schools and the Town of Watertown, and
  • Elevate the stature and importance of our public schools throughout our community.

More About Us


We have utilized many data and information collection and analytical methods as we have sought to understand Watertown Public Schools (WPS), as well as trends over the last decade in both WPS and the town of Watertown.

We have also sought to understand WPS and the Town of Watertown in comparison to neighboring and the so-called “comparable” Massachusetts towns. We have interviewed school and town leaders, attended public school and town meetings, held discussion sessions with school officials and town leaders, surveyed teachers, and analyzed Department of Education and Revenue data, municipal data and other sources.

We are using a three-tiered approach to understand and address the problems facing our schools:

  1. Data driven understanding and documentation of Watertown and Watertown Public Schools
  2. Relationship building with school, community, and town leaders
  3. Positive communication and community outreach